You stare, I glare…It’s Natural!

Why am I glaring at you?

I’ve been asked that thousands of times over the course of my teenage and adult life. The answer is the same in 99 percent of the cases. I’m glaring, because you’re staring.

I keep wanting to shout out…”Hey! If i’m so damn interesting, why don’t you come up and chat with me?”

That’s what I’d like to say anyway, but usually I’m too shy to do anything and just glare back at the person because I feel super uncomfortable.

It makes me wonder if other people feel the same way? Or react the same way. Could it be that someone’s staring is infact glaring. Do they for some reason believe that my glare was infact a stare? Oh my, that could turn into a never ending circle of who stared and who glared first.

When I actually take time to muse upon it, I wonder just why we as a human species are driven to watch other people. It goes on all the time, in the malls, at the park, on college campuses. All the time, countless people just watching eachother. It might be a glance or a quick up down, or left right of the eyes. Sometimes it’s a fixation of the gaze until a phone rings or the mind gets destracted with something else. In anycase, it happens.

It makes me wan’t ask people, what they are looking for when they people watch? Do they have a clear agenda, or is the gazing simply a result of the mind or eyes not having anything better to do and watching people becomes the standard, “Nothing else to do, so let’s look at people.”

This turns back in on itself though. Because now with all these people watching everyone else all the time… I wonder… who’s glaring, who’s staring, and who’s just mindlessly sleeping with their eyes open?



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