Oh… It’ll feel good! Try it!

Over the years I’ve gone up and down the weight scale. Never really being to extreme on either side of the scales, yet never really being where I wanted to be either. Over those same years, i’ve been told to try this or that, do this reutine, or that type of activity, ultimately none of which ever seems to work, nor give me any type of good feels. In fact exercise in general doesn’t give me good feels.

People have always gone on about how good a person feels after they’ve had a good run, or gone to the gym for an hour, or even just went out for a brisk walk for a mile or two. I’m sorry… But I don’t get those feel good endorphines off of exercise. I never have. In fact it’s kind of the opposite. I get frustrated. I get annoyed. I get angry and snappy. Even if the results of exercising are quantifiable and just and good outcomes come from it. I still get mad at exercise.

While I see the point of getting up and trying to be as healthy as one can be in their choosen career lifestyle and what not. I don’t see the point in people continuing to push this whole… It feels good mentality upon others about exercise. It’s very similar to having to tell the church door knocking folk to get the hell off the property, just dang annoying.

While, I’m sure there are people out there that live and breath exercise as being this amazing activity that leaves them feeling wonderful. And I know there are, because I know some of them. I can honestly say… that whole feel good crap just doesn’t fly.

It all makes me wonder if other people get frustrated by it as well. Are there any other folk who just don’t see the up emotions that those active folk are talking about?


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