Clowntopia or Unfair Subjugation?

Why clowns? Why now? Why ever? While I know that there have always been people that have had huge issues with the painted faces and large red noses and perpetually grinning lips. I for one, have never undertood what generates the fear? In anycase, clowns are here and here to stay and pop up in strange places it seems.

I see articles on clown sightings, menacing clowns, clowns just looking at you and clowns that get beat down. Not to mention some stories about down right mean clowns that try to abduct little children. So, I was wondering, why clowns. What exactly is happening with our society that clowns need to come out and start making these vast assortments of visitations?

While I don’t suppose I’ll ever find out the answer, this whole clowning around stuff has brought up a powerful thought. Why should people be judging clowns? I mean, we get all upset at people being negative towards people of color, or with religios differences, or alternate gender identities. So why should clowns get any different treatment?

Perhaps the clowns have simply had enough of being third rate citizens? Maybe they, like the organizations of “Black Lives Matter,” and “He for She,” have finally come together and decided to let the country know about their plight.

In any case, I don’t think people should be just randomly assulting clowns or shouting at them. Now, if a clown is infact break the law, then by all means, we must use the necessary course to bring them to justice. But to have clown be smashed down, just because they decided to smile on any given day… Well that’s just wrong.


3 thoughts on “Clowntopia or Unfair Subjugation?

  1. There has always been a weird stigma with clowns. My mom had a fear because she read the book “It” and millions of people have seen or heard that story. Do you think popular media has a lot to do with this clown fear?

    It is very unfortunate I have to agree with you on that part and it is very reminiscent of a couple years ago with the whole Slenderman business. If you are familiar with that then you know what I am getting at, bored kids with the internet.

    It’s pretty unfair and I for one won’t succumb to a clown fear but just like any other person, if they’re breaking the law they need to be held accountable by the proper authorities.

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    1. Thanks for leaving your thoughts! I think that popular media effects the clown issue, in that it allows for a faster inundation of images and un-verified events. That speed of information delivery is a double edged sword. Works great when important information needs to get out to people, but causes bubbles of unecessary mental musings within the thoughts of idle minds, when the information isn’t that solid.


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