The Fall of Roosteration

Does society need it’s roosters? Or are a coupe full of hens enough to get on by? These are important questions in our modern times. We must look deep into the meat of the matter and make sure that the result is at least a few ruffled feathers.

Roosters, in my humble oppinion have lost their luster. While once they were in high demand to keep the peace, keep away the boogey man and peck’n’scratch at the denser pieces of earth, it seems that the need or want to even have them around is lost.

The hens are quite capable at tending the coupe. They keep the weeds down, can flock in great numbers, offer penty of idle eggs to keep the addled minds and hungry stomachs full of something to crack about. After all, who’d want to interfere with a whole gaggle of feathered folk when they are on a role about some trendy topic? Not I. I’d rather keep a safe distance.

So the rooster is left with little choice but fall by the wayside of legends and lore. Even the great Foghorn has seen he’s hayday fall to such utterly nonsensical characters of the cartoon network and other stations targeting the lower masses of slower moving intellect.

Yet, what is to become of the rooster? Will it be eaten off like the female praying mantis takes care of it’s mate? Will we see a new type of zoo or amusement park that specilizes on the historical activities of the rooster of days gone to dusk? Or perhaps the roosters of this society have a plan? Perhaps a re-invention is in the works and we haven’t seen the last of their loud morning calls and strutting ego-sophistacted movements?

No matter what ends up happening, the hens seem to have made reality quite clear. They only desire roosters in the roost at their own beck and call.

So here’s to the Rooster, that legacy in us all, of a better time.


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