Classification or an Abstract Distract


Just another word in the human languages. Or at least that’s one might think on the surface. In deeper musings upon this somewhat unremarkable formation of letters and characters, we find that within its preset composition of glyphs, there is in fact a dark force that commands humanity to do great evil.

Humanity must classify everything or die! Or at least it seems, doesn’t it? Humanity has achieved greatness in the scientific worlds by classifying as many things as it can. Scientists love to group like things together to better understand them. One might even go as far as saying mathematicians follow suit on this matter.

Yet, take a moment and look around you. How many things do you classify in your everyday life? How much of it really does the world any good? I bet you found yourself looking at your neighbors and thinking about how they go to a different church, or are perhaps a different color of skin, or that they own a gun and your unsettled by that, or that you can’t understand why they don’t talk much to you because of your gun case with twenty rifles.

I pause… You ponder… Classification. Just how many things did you find that you classify without much fore thought?

The reality. We are human beings. We are Earthlings. We are carbon based life forms. We know how to feel, we know how to communicate and we understand the great emotion known as pain when we are hurt by over-classification.

So, when I hear people talk about “Black lives matter” or “He for She”, I cringe because the very basis of those phrases are steeped in Classification. I cringe again when I hear that people who make a truthful and honest statement, “All lives matter,” get heckled and shouted down upon and accused of not understanding what’s really happening, or get a beat down because they aren’t falling in the correct classification that others think is the correct one.

Let’s see now… We are human beings… We all have red blood beating in our hearts, and we all feel pain when a hurtful words or fists fall upon us.

Oh yes! I remember now! We is in essence the same as all! Thus the saying, “We All.”

Perhaps this all comes down to the tact and perception of the words we choose to use in our lives. Maybe it’s all about how we define the meanings of those words. But the truth is. We really are all on the same planet and if there is going to be any one action that is judged more negatively than others, it should fall upon any and all of those who can’t fathom what “All” really is.


One thought on “Classification or an Abstract Distract

  1. My apologies for the delay in the reply as I have been experiencing computer issues recently and stalled my progress.

    I found your website to be quite compelling. I really liked the animation of the graphics when the mouse cursor hovers over them. Found the entries to be diverse in context, context, and well-thought out. Well done.

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