I’ve come to the conclusion that if life were a delusion and the sky was truly just a part of our imagination than politics and their minions could be removed with the dispel feature found in every Dungeons and Dragons spell book. However, if life were an illusion and how we comprehend everything is a choice of our own imagination, than politicians could be removed by simply dis-believing in them. Thus I ponder…

Driftwood Art Creation 3

If the fish flies into the basket of insanity and ponders reality from the perspective of it’s own kind, than the ripples of mankind’s issues are only as threatening as the radiation that sinks beneath the waves. The answer would be simple for the fish, vanish. For it would have the simple understanding that if it stopped offering itself as food to the pink fleshy creatures on the surface above, they might die out. Yet, what of the flying fish or the fish who learns to walk upon the shores of humanities crimes. What then does it do? I would reckon that it would choose to adapt and grow. For if it was a big scary flying fish with fangs, than mankind would run from it’s nature and the grand mother of things would be once again in control.

Yet, what of man and it’s fish? Man is horrible when attempting any feelings of compassion for anything other than it’s own secular and narrow thoughts, thus the fish would either have to be eaten or shunned or killed for any reason that could be contrived, as to allow mankind to continue to feel as it still held some inkling of power.

While I like most of humanity, I do so by seeing it simply as a form of art and beauty. Why? Simple. Art and Beauty is removed from politics, removed from belief, removed from greed and removed from others peoples opinions. For art and beauty is entirely in the eye of those looking for it. Thus I ponder…

Would the planet be better if everyone simply spoke of their idea of art and beauty and tossed everything else under the bridge? For sure there would be differences, but that contrast has a place in art, where it only fills the coffers of hate in the other areas. So… I say… Be artful and beautiful and flow with that light as powerfully as you can.


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