Bacon & Eggs

I look out at this country, my country, the US of A and I’m truly shaking my head in confusion. It has been known for a long time within the spins and spirals of humanity that some things are just bad, they have always been bad and will continue to be bad. Those are the Bacon’s of this world. Things like Hate, Violence, Fear, and Greed. I shake my head because we still have them. It’s like common sense, isn’t common after all and people are blind to their own pains and sufferings, or perhaps are a bunch of folk that just like feeling hurt for the fun of it. Trump is Greed and his cronies are greed and hate, while Putin tends to trend toward violence and fear… That’s just to point out the extremes within the Geo-Political community. Why? Why do they keep on force feeding all this negative crap into the world? Simple, they haven’t mastered the egg.

The egg is patience, is understanding, is compassion and sharing. The egg is the completion of social evolution, it’s top place to fathom, must and take into one’s personal and daily threshold. It takes a lot of effort by many people to create the egg. Just look at the chicken. They have to have food, water, a place to roam, a place to roost, and place to lay their eggs. The roost must have a roof, which takes teamwork by others to build. They must be protected from those who would eat the chickens before the eggs was laid, this also takes teamwork and effort. But in the end, with the hard work and effort, an egg can be laid and it offers two wonderful options, which in the first scenario, simply don’t exist. With the egg, we can grow more chickens or have eggs to eat and learn the wisdom of the process.

What I see in the world right now on so many fronts is a reluctance to let go of the powerful deadly sins and work together for something better. I can’t say for anyone person why there is that reluctance. For some it may be laziness, for others it may be what they grew up into and haven’t a wish to change as long as they get want they desire. Or perhaps it’s all about the fear and hate of what is different and an unwillingness to understand the other half the equation.

I see the American Political Machine destroying the chances for many future eggs. I see many other countries leadership doing the same thing. Yet, what I don’t see is an outcry of action that goes against the sins. It’s almost as if people fear the fear of taking action and have become agoraphobic and would rather sit within their i-pad and online worlds and let everything else crumble around them. Who knows.

But one thing is for sure. I like the egg. I hate the bacon. And it’s not a religious thing either. It’s a life issue. Bacon while tasty, just leads to bad things. While eggs get a bad rap, but we keep finding out it’s a pretty healthy thing when we take it in moderation with everything else. So while it might be okay to have a Bacon and Egg Breakfast, it’s better to find a different solution in the long run. I don’t know what that solution will be, or if humanity will survive long enough to see it. I do know this though. Change must happen. With the world as overpopulated as it is, something is going to burst and change will be the result. The egg may come into being only after a great war has reduced the population of the earth by seventy percent. Who knows. Or the egg may take the form of the masses simply taking all the politicians and pushing them into the sea and going back to tribal councils. Who knows.

Maybe that’s just the kicker… Perhaps we as humans don’t know enough to know and if we stop with trial and error, we implode. So here’s to wherever the future is going to take us. I just hope it’s far away from the 7 deadly Sins.


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