Bacon & Eggs

I look out at this country, my country, the US of A and I’m truly shaking my head in confusion. It has been known for a long time within the spins and spirals of humanity that some things are just bad, they have always been bad and will continue to be bad. Those are the Bacon’s of this world. Things like Hate, Violence, Fear, and Greed. I shake my head because we still have them. It’s like common sense, isn’t common after all and people are blind to their own pains and sufferings, or perhaps are a bunch of folk that just like feeling hurt for the fun of it. Trump is Greed and his cronies are greed and hate, while Putin tends to trend toward violence and fear… That’s just to point out the extremes within the Geo-Political community. Why? Why do they keep on force feeding all this negative crap into the world? Simple, they haven’t mastered the egg.

The egg is patience, is understanding, is compassion and sharing. The egg is the completion of social evolution, it’s top place to fathom, must and take into one’s personal and daily threshold. It takes a lot of effort by many people to create the egg. Just look at the chicken. They have to have food, water, a place to roam, a place to roost, and place to lay their eggs. The roost must have a roof, which takes teamwork by others to build. They must be protected from those who would eat the chickens before the eggs was laid, this also takes teamwork and effort. But in the end, with the hard work and effort, an egg can be laid and it offers two wonderful options, which in the first scenario, simply don’t exist. With the egg, we can grow more chickens or have eggs to eat and learn the wisdom of the process.

What I see in the world right now on so many fronts is a reluctance to let go of the powerful deadly sins and work together for something better. I can’t say for anyone person why there is that reluctance. For some it may be laziness, for others it may be what they grew up into and haven’t a wish to change as long as they get want they desire. Or perhaps it’s all about the fear and hate of what is different and an unwillingness to understand the other half the equation.

I see the American Political Machine destroying the chances for many future eggs. I see many other countries leadership doing the same thing. Yet, what I don’t see is an outcry of action that goes against the sins. It’s almost as if people fear the fear of taking action and have become agoraphobic and would rather sit within their i-pad and online worlds and let everything else crumble around them. Who knows.

But one thing is for sure. I like the egg. I hate the bacon. And it’s not a religious thing either. It’s a life issue. Bacon while tasty, just leads to bad things. While eggs get a bad rap, but we keep finding out it’s a pretty healthy thing when we take it in moderation with everything else. So while it might be okay to have a Bacon and Egg Breakfast, it’s better to find a different solution in the long run. I don’t know what that solution will be, or if humanity will survive long enough to see it. I do know this though. Change must happen. With the world as overpopulated as it is, something is going to burst and change will be the result. The egg may come into being only after a great war has reduced the population of the earth by seventy percent. Who knows. Or the egg may take the form of the masses simply taking all the politicians and pushing them into the sea and going back to tribal councils. Who knows.

Maybe that’s just the kicker… Perhaps we as humans don’t know enough to know and if we stop with trial and error, we implode. So here’s to wherever the future is going to take us. I just hope it’s far away from the 7 deadly Sins.


The 20th of January – Thoughts

Life is a perplexing, fascinating, damning and enjoyable thing. On one side of life we have the negatives, on the other, the positives. For each and everyone of us, those negatives and positives are going to be different for different reasons.
People in life will preach, whisper, shout out, cry out, scream out and mumble those things that they feel deeply about. Some may want us to stay positive through everything, others may lead us to think that the high has no meaning with out the low. Other still will try and teach us that the hand doesn’t need to know what the foot is doing. Why? We ask, and to our ears drifts that answer, “Just have faith.”
It’s all a swirling around in the old noggin. These lefts and rights, ups and downs, lows and highs, the winter and the summer, all making moves for some edge over the other in the thought processes. So what does one do? I look out at the world on this day, a day that America is watching a new president come into power. I ponder politics, I muse faith, I toss the newspaper in the trash because it is owned by corporate America and only speaks of what the dollar wishes it to. So what’s left? At the end of an hour, only about enough excitement to make a sloth shift a bit on it’s perch on a tree.
While I may not pay homage to any specific religion, I do have my beliefs, as odd and strange as the are. I may not see any politician as a wholesome individual, but there are a few men and women in politics that I believe have worth on a human level. I will honestly admit, that if I could crown Obama King for the rest of his natural born life, I would.
At the same time, I would tear the Constitution to shreds and write a new one that takes into modern times, modern nature, the health of the world, and the youth of tomorrow. Gone would be anything that mankind’s arrogance or greed could warp or twist to their own interests. In would be clearly written in simple English, rules that even a five year old could read and know what they were talking about.
Gone would be the house and the senate. In would be a council of wise ones. Scientists, Teachers, Parents, Scholars would fill it’s ranks. People who have been selected for their experience and wisdom in keeping humanity strong, not just our nation. People who would serve for the honor of serving, not for a paycheck. Away with the greedy, weak spirited and soft willed. America doesn’t need any more rich in the ranks of leadership, and most certainly shouldn’t be allowing tax dollars to be swallowed up by politicians who only play the roll of a dog, allowing themselves to be led along by a dollar sign.
Gone would be guns. Are they really necessary anyway? Not by my logic. Most people, from my observations, own guns for three reasons. Either they like them because of what they are, such as the collectors and those that find the technology of guns fascinating. Or they like them because they like to go hunting, a form of entertainment. Yet there are a whole bunch of people who seem to feel the need to have them because they are afraid of something. It’s that last one I just don’t get. Fear begets Fear and Fear begets Aggression. Aggression is overrated and doesn’t fall into the category of good.
Gone would be paying out thousands of dollars for a college degree. It’s just ridiculous. Even the corporations should be smart enough to see that they make more money with a smarter workforce. There is zero need for people to be paying for their schooling.
Gone would be red carpets of society. All red carpet moments are a I’ll show you mine if you show me yours competition. Reminds me of grade school. Kind of pathetic and a waste of time and energy.
Gone would be the senseless killing of natural and wild animals. Dude! We humans are smart enough to figure out what would happen if we bomb the shit out of this planet trying to kill each other in war. Why the fuck are we killing of other lifeforms. We all belong to the planet and it doesn’t work well when pieces get knocked off. Are hunters, bankers and politicians so greedy that they are blinded to it? Fucking cowards.
In would be communication without aggression. Aggression is scary. I know what it’s like to loose my temper, and at times I have. I wouldn’t wish that aggressive energy on anyone. It’s the biggest reason I’d never own a gun.
In would be offering knowledge and education for the sole reason that it betters the whole
In would be a sense of self worth that exists without the need of a fancy dress, or a nice expensive car.
In would be a greater love for all life. This means the planet too…. Any who.
… I don’t know where the world is going, nor do I think that anyone should force change upon anyone else. But I do believe that everyone should feel the need to start screaming out what it is they want in the country and take back the strings that seem to be guiding all them overpriced politicians.
… I don’t think Trump is going to fix crap by the way. I wish him good luck, but I honestly don’t believe he’ll make it through his first term without major colatoral damage.
… I wonder what Yoda would say right now?


I’ve come to the conclusion that if life were a delusion and the sky was truly just a part of our imagination than politics and their minions could be removed with the dispel feature found in every Dungeons and Dragons spell book. However, if life were an illusion and how we comprehend everything is a choice of our own imagination, than politicians could be removed by simply dis-believing in them. Thus I ponder…

Driftwood Art Creation 3

If the fish flies into the basket of insanity and ponders reality from the perspective of it’s own kind, than the ripples of mankind’s issues are only as threatening as the radiation that sinks beneath the waves. The answer would be simple for the fish, vanish. For it would have the simple understanding that if it stopped offering itself as food to the pink fleshy creatures on the surface above, they might die out. Yet, what of the flying fish or the fish who learns to walk upon the shores of humanities crimes. What then does it do? I would reckon that it would choose to adapt and grow. For if it was a big scary flying fish with fangs, than mankind would run from it’s nature and the grand mother of things would be once again in control.

Yet, what of man and it’s fish? Man is horrible when attempting any feelings of compassion for anything other than it’s own secular and narrow thoughts, thus the fish would either have to be eaten or shunned or killed for any reason that could be contrived, as to allow¬†mankind to continue to feel as it still held some inkling of power.

While I like most of humanity, I do so by seeing it simply as a form of art and beauty. Why? Simple. Art and Beauty is removed from politics, removed from belief, removed from greed and removed from others peoples opinions. For art and beauty is entirely in the eye of those looking for it. Thus I ponder…

Would the planet be better if everyone simply spoke of their idea of art and beauty and tossed everything else under the bridge? For sure there would be differences, but that contrast has a place in art, where it only fills the coffers of hate in the other areas. So… I say… Be artful and beautiful and flow with that light as powerfully as you can.

Dimensions of Memory

Today’s topic is about being personal. That means the flow of these words are supposed to be close to my essence and about something more tangible to what I might think about or muse about, or ponder over, or even deal with on a day to day basis. So, to jump right into to it… Chaos!29818832163_91832c4010_k

Or at least a complex flow of mind that starts with a calm blank gray slate and then slowly picks up motion and color until at some point my rational reasoning ceases it’s logical flow and the universe inside my nogin turns left and falls down. Thus everything starts running along a path into an area of darkness that is what some people might consider the standard consistancy of the every day emotional thought process. Did you catch all that?

If you didn’t, no matter. As the real reason for me writing today is a conundrum in itself and if I could even half articulate the emotions of the moment, I might actually come upon the reason for life, the universe and everything else. So it’s okay for you to be baffled and confused. If you need to use the bathroom, it’s off the left and down two and half steps. But be careful of the trip wires that my mind left along the way. Oops. It’s okay to yell out if you’re having issues assessing the true nature of my personal state. The quicksand can work rather fast I’ve been told.

Now that the preamble is out of the way, I shall dive into the thought that warps and pours from the inner reaches of my soul.


“It was an old place. Dusty perhaps, or at least the scent of dust upon the stale windows. Aging glass cracked with time, rotting wood without, one strong to keep the windows safe. An irony of time had occured, as a few shards of glass littered the floor.

It was alone, or at least that was my muse. Old stuffs laying in odd ways, their time, a passing memory that no one remembered. Yet, there was life, or the decay of what might have been. A banana peal, an empty pudding package and the occasional rat and mouse droppings. Silence, other than my curious slow breathing.

It was a choice. I came to let my curiosity take the lead, my feet following the thoughts of those old boards, cracked wall plaster and old faded picture frames tilted upon that one lone hallway. The enterence was the main room, the backroom a bathroom, or at least was in times gone past. Now, only a fold out cot with squeeky springs and a canvas top lay ready for a midnight crash of some secret neighborhood meeting.

It was a shiver. A passionate desire perhaps that bade me continue into this place. A need to understand it’s very essence, so that my own might find enlightment. That was why, or at least how I would explain it in years to come.

It was an inch, a chill and a shiver as thread by thread, clothes, top, bottom and more fell to the floor. They would lay quiet and unheard along with the shoes and stockings.

It was being that burst upon the soul as the cold canvas connected with the skin, hair laying where gravity would take it. The cealing full of questions and cobwebs, an imagination of the tales that it could tell if it could speak in a language I might hear.

It was cool, nothing but reality. At peace was the beating heart, alive the spirit racing around the room. Excited, knowing that I might not be alone, some eyes having chanced upon my pale flesh. Perhaps… Yes, a dream maybe. Or mabye some flow from a deeper place within the essence that I was at the moment.

It was a moment. A time, a piece of a watch’s guard, clicking away for only a short while. A memory of a musty old place, a dusty piece of history, a scent that would linger with me for all my days.

It was about being alive.”

No one can say that memories can’t be full of twisted and bizzare things. Sometimes we remember an incident in technocolor and each and every time our mind slides towards that date, our thoughts explode from feelings of yesterday. Other times, memories are like a cracked vault leading to some dark and scary labrynth, that even the greatest of “Indiana” types would pale and turn from.


Such is life. Mine, yours or the person next door. You should ask yourself the next time your mind perks up some strange bubble of yester year, “What am I really thinking about?” You might just find that answer is far more impressive than those dark and scary places.