Variations in Kind VS. Boilerplate

What ever happened to the slide rule in treating different people according to who they are, rather than a boilerplate existence of one size, or one action fits the needs of every last Who, Dick and Jane?

For example, my father recently had some regular and well practiced eye surgery done. The kind where they replace the lens and correct for a stigmatism. The surgery went find, but while he was back for his day after followup appointment, the doc treated him like he was some robot that didn’t have any feelings, concerns or cares whatsoever. So I ask why is it that businesses have taken away the friendly inter-personal training and replaced it with this, cold fast-paced response for all types of activity?

Another area of our society that the same face fits all has really hindered the finer workings of things is in the cell phone industry. The makers of phones have completely failed to understand that when people get older, their fingers don’t work as well and they need larger buttons and simpler operations and functions on their phones. I would think that supplying a general platform for all customer age groups would be paramount for any industry. Looks like the cell phone industry is really missing something important.

Along the lines of this mass manufactured, same for everyone concept is the running away from good customer service styles. For the sake of discussion will use the topic of Internet Security Software. Pain in the ass right? But everyone online needs it these days. The problem lies in the lack of real people interactions when things aren’t working properly. No number to call and get a live person to help, and no guarantee that an email sent will be responded to in a timely manner or have an answer to the issue. After all, most of the responses are canned boilerplate that have been auto-generated based upon key words in your complaint email. Overall, businesses are forcing people to take everything as is or not at all and society is making everyone to take it period. It leads me to make the assumption that most big business really don’t care about anything but the profit they make. That’s really a shame, as they will loose customers over it in the end.

I realize that most people out there are able to adapt to the newness of the world we live in, thinking that every new invention is grand and great and will be better for all. Yet, in reality, this isn’t the case. What is best for all is the awareness that there are differences. Different paces that must be made for different learning curves and different skill levels. A man or woman in their 60’s or 70’s isn’t going to be able to adapt to new technology as well as someone in their 20’s. I don’t believe it’s fair as a race, or species to leave any minority groups out of the loop. We as a world society need to put more effort in making things go round easily for all the walks of life, not just the wealthiest or the smartest or the most active. There must be a place for each and every one if we as a species are going to walk into the next century with the hope of continued prosperity.