Into the Dream

Winter Forest

Into the dream… Do we ever really know where we are going? Are we ever able to really see or understand the lessons that the dream is trying to teach us? Are we even supposed to be seeing the dream in the first place? Perhaps it was an accident. Or maybe or mind simply went for a private walk and the conciousness wasn’t supposed to know about what was being mused at that time.

All things considered, dreams can be a pretty scary existance to try and wrap your mind around. What if we learned about some evil essence within ourselves, or recieved some otherworldy premonition that the universe was about the puke us all out into a state of nothingness? You could just image the pandimonium that all those emotions mixed might create.

So next time you see a dream come strolling by, you might was to take a moment and thank it for being a more moderate type and not some noxious demon. On the other hand, if you catch a nightmare, feel free to do what you will, ride it into the sunset like a fiery inferno, or run like friend chicken. Either way, you’ll wake up with a good sweat on and won’t have to worry about going to the gym.