The Tides of Politics

Pondering politics. Should I really? Do I really want to go there? Is there even a point to going there? To that I shall simply say… yes.

Before the election, most people had never heard of Bannon’s name. Unless of course they had been following the news about him that spun out months earlier during his time with the organization known as Breitbart. If people had been following him at that time, they would have known he was big on everything that America is not. Yet… as I said. Before the election… most people never had even heard of his name. And that was okay for him.

Now, after the election… Oh my! Bannon is right at the new presidents side as a close advisor. Another well played move on Bannon’s part. Stay in the background until it’s too late and the voters can’t mess his grand plan up. Bannon, by all observations of everything he’s ever spoken or written that has been recorded, is an destructionist. Someone who wants to take this country, perhaps more and destroy everything about it. For him, it would seem, it is a means to and end. Destroy everything and then that leaves those who’ve bunker themselves away to claim everything else and take control.

Now, after several weeks of this current administration and all of the horrible cabinet picks that have been put into position to destroy the federal programs, it looks like Bannon is getting closer to his goal.

Let’s say that my assumption is even 80% correct. What is going to happen next. First, the masses are going to find more chaos being unleashed by the far left and far rights that have been small minorities but have continued to believe in what they do in the shadows. We’re already starting to see this.

Moving forward, the masses will go one of two ways, either down hill, following the guidance of the puppet Trump, or the masses will being to see the ugly outcome and Trump will find himself in trouble. The issue with the Russians would just be the tip of the iceberg, a big tip, but a tip none the less. If Trump falls, so will a whole bunch of other politicians. Yet, Bannon will probably jump to another country and remain largely unscathed, in fact he might even already have that route planned out. After all, he’ll be leaving with tons of top secret information that only the top security folk at the White House have access too. Imagine the damage he can do with that. And he will. After all, he’s a destructionist.

On the flip side, if Trump doesn’t get busted out of the office. He’ll likely get voted out by one of the largest landslides in the history of mankind at the end of 4 years. The republican party will be destroyed beyond sustainability and his personal fortunes will crash and burn. The one problem, by the time that 4 years comes round, it’s a good chance that either America will be in WW III, or the Corporate CEO’s will have all the political control, or at least enough to destroy any and all environmental safety roadblocks.

The trick. Find the dirt, and burn the whole lot of them. Politicians, Bankers, Corporations top brass, all of them. Don’t stop until that 1 percent that holds 90 plus percent of the wealth is either broke or in prison. If that means the masses have to form an organized militia to oust the corporations, the politicians and the bankers, then so be it.

In the end though… If Bannon doesn’t survive DC… the problems would be cut in half, almost immediately.

Just my two bits on the concept of Politics.