Variations in Kind VS. Boilerplate

What ever happened to the slide rule in treating different people according to who they are, rather than a boilerplate existence of one size, or one action fits the needs of every last Who, Dick and Jane?

For example, my father recently had some regular and well practiced eye surgery done. The kind where they replace the lens and correct for a stigmatism. The surgery went find, but while he was back for his day after followup appointment, the doc treated him like he was some robot that didn’t have any feelings, concerns or cares whatsoever. So I ask why is it that businesses have taken away the friendly inter-personal training and replaced it with this, cold fast-paced response for all types of activity?

Another area of our society that the same face fits all has really hindered the finer workings of things is in the cell phone industry. The makers of phones have completely failed to understand that when people get older, their fingers don’t work as well and they need larger buttons and simpler operations and functions on their phones. I would think that supplying a general platform for all customer age groups would be paramount for any industry. Looks like the cell phone industry is really missing something important.

Along the lines of this mass manufactured, same for everyone concept is the running away from good customer service styles. For the sake of discussion will use the topic of Internet Security Software. Pain in the ass right? But everyone online needs it these days. The problem lies in the lack of real people interactions when things aren’t working properly. No number to call and get a live person to help, and no guarantee that an email sent will be responded to in a timely manner or have an answer to the issue. After all, most of the responses are canned boilerplate that have been auto-generated based upon key words in your complaint email. Overall, businesses are forcing people to take everything as is or not at all and society is making everyone to take it period. It leads me to make the assumption that most big business really don’t care about anything but the profit they make. That’s really a shame, as they will loose customers over it in the end.

I realize that most people out there are able to adapt to the newness of the world we live in, thinking that every new invention is grand and great and will be better for all. Yet, in reality, this isn’t the case. What is best for all is the awareness that there are differences. Different paces that must be made for different learning curves and different skill levels. A man or woman in their 60’s or 70’s isn’t going to be able to adapt to new technology as well as someone in their 20’s. I don’t believe it’s fair as a race, or species to leave any minority groups out of the loop. We as a world society need to put more effort in making things go round easily for all the walks of life, not just the wealthiest or the smartest or the most active. There must be a place for each and every one if we as a species are going to walk into the next century with the hope of continued prosperity.


Viral’s Edge – The “Chaos Click”

Today’s society. What a vast and grand and often terrifying subject to talk about. Yet, just as often as it scares us to death, it can warm us completely and make us feel love in a way we’ve never known before.

Yesterday the headlines captured a re-occurring event. The viral spread of an online happening. In this case, it happened to be the about the tragic suicide of a 12 year old girl. My heart and prayers go out to the one’s who truly loved her and are left behind. I’ve lost a child myself, so I can grasp at what emotions might be breezing through. May the little girl rest in peace now.

That being said, this blog today isn’t about suicide. Rather, it’s about the reactions of thousands of people to it. Their comment’s, their attitude, their fears, worries, angers and all that jazz. If at this point in time, you don’t know what going viral means, you should look it up. It’s simple yet complex in how it happens, and not everything will go viral. But if the criteria is met, BOOM!, the internet takes off with it and spreads what ever it is like wildfire.

I’m going to start this off by talking about one of the responses I saw to the girls suicide. It was a rare one. While most of the masses were feeling sympathy, horror, and anger over the event and how the news handled it and how the police handled it. There was a comment that struck a cord with me. In a nutshell explained why it’s important for people to see the video, not shy away and stop living behind sugar coated blinders. Of course this comment was in response to the hoards who felt that the video of the girl should have been ripped down from the internet to keep it out of the eyes of viewers that shouldn’t be seeing it…

That made me wonder. What shouldn’t be seen? Death? Why? It’s part of life and the world we live in. Would it really be fair to any child to come up against it and not know what it was or how to deal with it? No, it would be selfish as a society to hold that stance. So again I asked, what shouldn’t be seen or heard? The girls words before her death? Her words were her words, they were the words of a girl who’d felt like hell had consumed her already and there was nothing left. At the same time they were to words that wished desperately that things couldn’t have been different. Why should we keep those words from the ears of others? My thought is, hearing them sparks a fire under people to be more aware of those around them and do more to help those that are trying to reach out and to learn the signs of people who are trying to reach out.

So, one might say at this point that I’m trying to make a young girls death a learning experience for others. Isn’t that taking away from the important issue? The issue of the heartache and grief that her family must be feeling. Yes, and no. Yes, the even becomes a learning experience as all things become learning experiences. And regard to the what the family must be feeling, coming from experience, you don’t want anyone else to experience it. Thus it makes sense to let the moment find some positive in that learning experience. That positive becomes the road to recovery for the family.

Now we walk back and look at the essence of this event becoming viral in the first place. Why would the death of a young girl flow outward at such a rapid pace? Why would thousands of people and many more counting take the time to watch the video, talk about the video and post or share it on?

I have a couple of thoughts on this. The first being humanities never ending curiosity about what they’ve never seen before. The second belongs to the very real aspect of humanity that finds death and dying a fascinating subject. Just look at how many videos of executions are out there, on numerous sites. The swath of population that will watch them and be fascinated by them is there. The third is a rather new aspect of humanity and how they’ve learned to love reality shows. Reality captured in real time and shared over the net is exciting for many people. Hollywood has captured that market for years now. Thus you can see, there are many reasons why such a tragic event can become viral.

I found it interesting that most of the news publications that carried the article spoke more of their frustration about trying to take the video down, verses the tragedy itself. But there is an answer for this. Chaos sells. Click bait sells. News that creates the Chaos Click is the marketing bulls eye for many new related companies. So to all those that got frustrated over how these articles were written, please talk to our market driven society. After all, that’s what drives such things. The police can’t do anything about that, nor the internet.

Perhaps the Chaos Click could be put side by side with the age old, “Know what your shooting at,” mentality that hunters should have. Perhaps people should take time to think about what their click will do to those in the world around them?

So next time you see some headline about something disturbing, or a new product, or anything at all. Think about the ripples that will go outward from you clicking that link. Like a rock in the water, all the edges of the lake feel it’s plunge.

Into the Dream

Winter Forest

Into the dream… Do we ever really know where we are going? Are we ever able to really see or understand the lessons that the dream is trying to teach us? Are we even supposed to be seeing the dream in the first place? Perhaps it was an accident. Or maybe or mind simply went for a private walk and the conciousness wasn’t supposed to know about what was being mused at that time.

All things considered, dreams can be a pretty scary existance to try and wrap your mind around. What if we learned about some evil essence within ourselves, or recieved some otherworldy premonition that the universe was about the puke us all out into a state of nothingness? You could just image the pandimonium that all those emotions mixed might create.

So next time you see a dream come strolling by, you might was to take a moment and thank it for being a more moderate type and not some noxious demon. On the other hand, if you catch a nightmare, feel free to do what you will, ride it into the sunset like a fiery inferno, or run like friend chicken. Either way, you’ll wake up with a good sweat on and won’t have to worry about going to the gym.

Dimensions of Memory

Today’s topic is about being personal. That means the flow of these words are supposed to be close to my essence and about something more tangible to what I might think about or muse about, or ponder over, or even deal with on a day to day basis. So, to jump right into to it… Chaos!29818832163_91832c4010_k

Or at least a complex flow of mind that starts with a calm blank gray slate and then slowly picks up motion and color until at some point my rational reasoning ceases it’s logical flow and the universe inside my nogin turns left and falls down. Thus everything starts running along a path into an area of darkness that is what some people might consider the standard consistancy of the every day emotional thought process. Did you catch all that?

If you didn’t, no matter. As the real reason for me writing today is a conundrum in itself and if I could even half articulate the emotions of the moment, I might actually come upon the reason for life, the universe and everything else. So it’s okay for you to be baffled and confused. If you need to use the bathroom, it’s off the left and down two and half steps. But be careful of the trip wires that my mind left along the way. Oops. It’s okay to yell out if you’re having issues assessing the true nature of my personal state. The quicksand can work rather fast I’ve been told.

Now that the preamble is out of the way, I shall dive into the thought that warps and pours from the inner reaches of my soul.


“It was an old place. Dusty perhaps, or at least the scent of dust upon the stale windows. Aging glass cracked with time, rotting wood without, one strong to keep the windows safe. An irony of time had occured, as a few shards of glass littered the floor.

It was alone, or at least that was my muse. Old stuffs laying in odd ways, their time, a passing memory that no one remembered. Yet, there was life, or the decay of what might have been. A banana peal, an empty pudding package and the occasional rat and mouse droppings. Silence, other than my curious slow breathing.

It was a choice. I came to let my curiosity take the lead, my feet following the thoughts of those old boards, cracked wall plaster and old faded picture frames tilted upon that one lone hallway. The enterence was the main room, the backroom a bathroom, or at least was in times gone past. Now, only a fold out cot with squeeky springs and a canvas top lay ready for a midnight crash of some secret neighborhood meeting.

It was a shiver. A passionate desire perhaps that bade me continue into this place. A need to understand it’s very essence, so that my own might find enlightment. That was why, or at least how I would explain it in years to come.

It was an inch, a chill and a shiver as thread by thread, clothes, top, bottom and more fell to the floor. They would lay quiet and unheard along with the shoes and stockings.

It was being that burst upon the soul as the cold canvas connected with the skin, hair laying where gravity would take it. The cealing full of questions and cobwebs, an imagination of the tales that it could tell if it could speak in a language I might hear.

It was cool, nothing but reality. At peace was the beating heart, alive the spirit racing around the room. Excited, knowing that I might not be alone, some eyes having chanced upon my pale flesh. Perhaps… Yes, a dream maybe. Or mabye some flow from a deeper place within the essence that I was at the moment.

It was a moment. A time, a piece of a watch’s guard, clicking away for only a short while. A memory of a musty old place, a dusty piece of history, a scent that would linger with me for all my days.

It was about being alive.”

No one can say that memories can’t be full of twisted and bizzare things. Sometimes we remember an incident in technocolor and each and every time our mind slides towards that date, our thoughts explode from feelings of yesterday. Other times, memories are like a cracked vault leading to some dark and scary labrynth, that even the greatest of “Indiana” types would pale and turn from.


Such is life. Mine, yours or the person next door. You should ask yourself the next time your mind perks up some strange bubble of yester year, “What am I really thinking about?” You might just find that answer is far more impressive than those dark and scary places.